The new coating system


Consulting and development

Material selection and qualification

Each application of a WECODUR requires the selection of the ”best fit” material with regard to economic and technical conditions. As developers of the technology we have a huge background, outstanding experience and the scientific knowledge for the design of the coating systems to be applied. According to your requirements we can select and qualify suitable materials together with you. In doing so, we consider not only the processability but also the costs and availability of the materials to be used.

Development of coating systems

On the basis of the systematic selection of material pairings and possible alternatives, we develop the coating system suitable for your requirements. Once the samples have been produced, they can be used for trial and application tests. For this purpose, we have a wide range of test methods at our disposal, which enable us to develop a coating system tailored to your application and requirements.

Production of prototypes

Especially in the automotive industry and for other highly stressed components, the production of near-series prototypes is of great importance. Throughout the entire development phase, prototypes are required for testing, approval and certification, which correspond as closely as possible to the targeted large-scale production. With our machinery, the production of such prototypes and small batches is also possible at short notice.

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