The Low Emission Brake

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WECODUR coating brake disc

Individual mobility is a basic need of our modern society. Unfortunately, it can also have negative effects on our environment and ourselves, for which we need technical solutions. Particulate emissions from road traffic are blamed as one of the main causes of environmentally-related health damage. A legal regulation within the framework of a “EURO 7 standard” is to be expected, which is good and necessary. The WECODUR® Low emission brake is the technically most effective and at the same time economically most efficient solution. As a side effect, it increases corrosion resistance and reduces weight, resulting in lower CO2 emissions over the life cycle of the car.


The Technology


Both, hard alloys and metal matrix composite (MMC) coatings for brake discs represent a sustainable solution for reducing particulate emissions. However, until now, especially the challenges of a reproducible and cost-efficient coating and finishing process could not be fully solved. WECODUR® offers a way out of this dilemma and presents a turnkey solution for integrated high-speed laser cladding and grinding of coated brake rotors.


Our coating systems take into account all stations of the production and life cycle: • material- and resource-efficient material application • fine-tuned stations in parallel operation • precision grinding process for minimization of allowance • lowest-emission tribo systems in competitive comparison. Designed for technical reliability and the best price/performance ratio, WECODUR® coating systems have been proven 1000 times – on test benches, in vehicles and on race tracks.




  • Maximum material and resource efficiency
  • Shortest cycle times
  • Lowest energy consumption compared to competitors
  • Coordinated and balanced process chain
  • 100% inline quality control
  • Optimized coating systems for different kinetic masses and application scenarios
  • In-house coating system development according to customer specifications
  • Tested 1000 times on the roads of our world!


 Contact us, we will be happy to support you in planning and selecting the right technology and process chain for you!




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