WECODUR – Coating for more than just brake discs

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WECODUR-Beschichtung Bauteil

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WECODUR© is a revolutionary technology that has already proven itself in the hard coating of brake discs. The technology is currently in field-proven production use and can be scaled up as required for high-volume production. The key feature of the WECODUR© coating is its ability to reduce particulate emissions by up to 90 percent and CO2 emissions by 80 g per 100 km (premium vehicle), while increasing service life many times over. In contrast to other coating processes, brake discs can also be coated much more resource-efficiently and economically with WECODUR©.

What applies to brake discs can also be transferred to other components. WECODUR© coatings offer a wide range of positive features. These include weight savings (saving on wear allowances), high wear and corrosion resistance.

WECODUR – a revolutionary technology for many applications

WECODUR© can be used to apply a wide variety of coatings to metals, improving the properties and service life of components in a revolutionary way – and in the context of economical series production. The WECODUR© production process can be applied to a wide range of components.

One example is rollers: they are used in industry in a wide variety of areas, for example in metal production, printing, the textile industry or packaging production. Regardless of the application scenario, one problem affects them all: wear. This is precisely where WECODUR© comes into play.

Rolls, however, are just one example of improved service life and reduced wear due to the WECODUR© coating. The coating can also be used, for example, on shafts, drills, hydraulic components, valves, piston rods and much more. WECODUR© can also ensure a longer service life and less wear in bearing seats and ball bearings. In principle, the areas of application extend to all metallic components and tools that are exposed to high stress.

Regardless of the area of application, the positive properties of WECODUR© such as corrosion protection and increased service life can be used in a wide range of applications.

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