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Welcome to HPL Technologies, your independent full-service pioneer in end-to-end coating solutions for reliable and high-performing surfaces in automotive and manufacturing applications. Our best-cost solutions can be adapted to every production’s framework condition and cater to every stakeholder in the coating value chain: from exceptionally performing coating systems and dedicated process equipment to integrated, seamless quality technology.

Since 2018, we have been successfully solving industry-relevant coating challenges and have a track record of understanding the unique and complex needs of our partners across the automotive and manufacturing sectors. This extensive experience ensures that our bespoke solutions provide a competitive edge in your demanding market – no matter the conditions.

Take control of your challenges and partner with HPL Technologies to drive forward with precision, reliability, and unparalleled expertise.

WECODUR – High-Performance, Best-Cost Coating Engineering

WECODUR stands for cutting-edge coating engineering. It ensures surfaces with exceptional performance and durability, drastically reducing wear and corrosion while optimizing costs per part. We are pioneers in adapting this technology based on serial-optimized laser cladding with high deposition rates to homologation-ready brake disc coatings, significantly cutting down fine dust emissions to meet the stringent requirements of EURO 7.

WECOQUIP – Homogeneous and Repeatable Process Conditions at Every Stage

WECOQUIP ensures a stable high-speed laser cladding process and optimal coating results. It is comprehensive powder-gas line equipment that maintains homogeneous process conditions at every stage of the coating process. It is adaptable to every machine system on the market and tailored to advanced coating systems, making your operations more reliable and productive.

WECOGUARD – Real-Time Quality Assurance and Seamless Manufacturing Documentation

Our machine-independent quality technology WECOGUARD is your key to optimal process control and minimized nOK parts. Our dedicated sensor setup fully safeguards your processes; plus, the software framework is product-neutral and allows for sensor combinations completely according to your needs. The software framework ensures multidimensional deviation control and analysis and creates a digital twin of your safety-critical products off the shelf! Use WECOGUARD to control your coatings’ quality, to continuously optimize your coating process and seamlessly trace the manufacturing DNA of your products.

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Serial-Optimized Laser Cladding with High Deposition Rates for high-performing and durable surfaces

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WECODUR coatings are suitable for a variety of applications to achieve extremely improved component properties

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The people and company behind WECODUR

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