Collaboration: HPL Technologies relies on cutting-edge technology from Hexagon

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Kooperation von Hexagon und HPL Technologies

Innovative coating technology from Aachen meets high-precision, top-class measurement technology from Wetzlar. We at HPL Technologie will rely on a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence for our high-speed coating process in the quality control of brake disc coating. The Leitz Reference Xi 7.7.5 CMM which was handed over by Jochen Mohn, General Manager of Hexagon, to Dr. Phillip Utsch, Managing Director of HPL Technologies, will be used.

WECODUR© is a revolutionary technology and a resource-efficient production process ideally suited for the hard coating of brake discs. In what is now a proven production application, the technology can be scaled up as required for large-scale production. The key feature of WECODUR© is its ability to reduce particulate emissions by up to 90 percent and CO2 emissions by 80 g per 100 km (premium car), while increasing service life many times over. In contrast to other coating processes, brake discs can also be coated much more economically with WECODUR©.

An important part of the quality control of WECODUR© brake discs is tactile measurement. This is where Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s technology comes in. Hexagon’s business unit specializing in design, manufacturing and metrology produces a whole range of different coordinate measuring machines. For HPL Technologies’ development and prototyping operations, Hexagon provides the Leitz Reference Xi, an all-around quality assurance solution that can also be used in the production environment. The Leitz Reference Xi is particularly suitable for use in the WECODUR© production process, as it offers high measurement performance, semi-automated operation and very high measurement accuracy.

“Initially, the system is planned for use in our development and prototype production. However, the Hexagon measurement technology can also be used in our turnkey solutions for large-scale production. Thus, the goal is to include Hexagon measurement technology as an important part of our production solution,” says Dr. Phillip Utsch, Managing Director of HPL Technologies.



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